We are proud to use the Clean Craft SpinVax 1000XT—Made in the USA! With this innovative rotary brush system, our technicians are able to maneuver throughout the twists and turns of your ductwork with self-adjusting, high-efficiency brushes.

These not only clear the duct, but scrub the sides of the ductwork as well for a more thorough clean—no matter what type of ductwork you have!

Our brushes attach to separate, flexible cables that reach all the nooks and crannies of your air ducts, and the special, angle-pitched design of our brushes reverse-sweeps contaminants back into a HEPA-rated vacuum. The end result is a superior and strategic solution to your air duct cleaning needs.

Other methods of air duct cleaning pale in comparison. It’s impossible to achieve results like this with an air compressor, which simply blows a weak stream of air through your ducts, directed back to a vacuum—doing nothing to clean the sides of your ductwork.

Likewise, negative air methods require cutting invasive holes in your ductwork, but still do not loosen dirt and debris clinging to the walls of your ducts. Other rotary brush systems join the brush to the vacuum hose, resulting in equipment too bulky to reach all the bends in your ductwork.

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