Hot summer months lead to air conditioning being run in high gear. Like other high-level appliances, these air ducts need routine maintenance and cleaning. Without regular cleaning, these ducts can let contaminants into your home and the air you breathe. In addition, keeping up on maintenance and the cleanliness of your home will improve the longevity of these appliances. At Duct Hunters, we provide air duct cleaning for your home in and around Onslow County. If you are unsure whether you need the air ducts cleaned, there are some signs to look for when assessing these vents.

If you notice an endless and absurd amount of dust on your surfaces inside the home, this may be a sign for an air duct cleaning. Take a closer look at the vents when the air kicks on; you might also notice a puff of dust coming out. To assess the problem, carefully remove the vent covers and look at the ductwork, and if dust can be seen, the air duct needs to be cleaned.

With the HVAC system running to keep your house cool and fresh, mold can grow inside the HVAC. Mold is caused by condensation from the hot and cold air mixture. Mold is often hard to see with the naked eye, so it is essential to have a Duct Hunter technician provide routine cleaning to keep the air in your home fresh.

If your house recently underwent renovation or remodeling, you would need your air ducts cleaned. These projects in the home often result in dust and debris being left behind. Even if the contractor cleaned extensively, residue remains in the vents and hard-to-reach places in the house. Therefore, if you had a renovation or remodeling project at your home, call and get an estimate today.

Usually, you can assume that there is little change in heating and cooling bills annually, especially if you do not make any drastic changes to your home within that year. If suddenly you realize your energy bill is higher than usual, this could be from your air ducts. When dirt and debris are in the airways, there is no free-flowing air; this makes the machines in your home try twice as hard to supply the house with cool air. Therefore, if you see this bill get more extensive, it could be because of the dirt in the airways of your home.

Lastly, if you notice the airflow is different from room to room, this is a sign of dirt in the HVAC airway. If your house is powered by one system throughout the home and rooms are cooling faster than others, this usually means there is something in the way of those vents. Luckily, Duct Hunters know how to treat a situation like this and will get the air flowing correctly in your home, evenly in every room.

Call Duct Hunters today for an estimate and free quote. No matter what ductwork you have, or whether it is commercial or residential, we can provide you with efficient and extensive cleanings. Your ductwork will be cleaner than ever, leaving your air fresher than before.